I am hesitant to share my writing because I’m paranoid someone will steal it



The Context

Taoist scriptures explain that by sharing what we have with people, we increase our own storehouse of goodness, and our abundance is never exhausted. Sound feasible in your creative world? Westerners certainly do not think so. We struggle with this type of paradox. Our capitalistic, individualistic and egoistic culture has conditioned us to think that the generosity stream only flows one way. That we must bow to the forces of scarcity and lack, lest we don’t get ours. Tupac first rapped about this in his chart topping song from the early nineties. I got fractions caught up in my everyday actions, point equal to your real satisfaction, bucking anybody who fuck with me, when will they realize, I gotta get mine, you gotta get yours. Nothing against one of the greatest rappers of all time, but we can do better than that. It’s not serving our creativity to be paranoid and assume that wherever we leak, the world holds a bucket. We need to train ourselves to come from a place of generosity and abundance, not cageyness and scarcity.

The Tool

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STOREHOUSING — Exponentially increasing your overall asset of creativity by giving more of it away

It really does pay us back down the road, either monetarily or some other way. There’s no way to measure that, but my life experiences tells me that it’s true. You have to trust that giving away your ideas will increase your own storehouse of goodness along the way. That your abundance will never exhausted. Angelou was right when she said that creativity is the kind of thing where the more of it you use, the more you have. If you’re waiting to be rewarded before you do your work, you’ll probably wait forever.

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

This ie one of the reasons giving away my ideas brings me so much joy. It’s more fun than intellectually hoarding all of my my brilliance. Here’s one of my latest inventions, free of charge, that you are completely encouraged to rip off and go turn into millions of dollars. Allow me to set the stage for you. Stealing may be a crime, but some people have way too much crap and, frankly, need a legitimate excuse to get rid of their possessions. Burgle is my new bandit matchmaking service where you view the profiles of criminals in your neighborhood and book times for thieves to rip off your personal items. If there's some possession you don't want, can't get rid of, or simply need to be stolen in order to have a valid excuse for why your parents or spouse should you buy another one, fret no more. Burgle lets you swipe left and secure theft. Now there’s a brilliant idea. And it’s all yours. Do whatever you want with it. There is no patent attorney that is going darken your doorstep with a cease and desist letter. Because that’s not the way my creativity works. My goal is to share my creative with others, solely because it brings me joy and makes me feel the best, most useful version myself.

The Rest

For today, give away your talent to the market until they’re ready to pay for it. And if they do, awesome. If they don’t, that’s awesome too. Because the reward for being generous is being the carrier of generosity. Sound like a lot of work? You’re right, it is. But once you get used to giving, it becomes the most natural way to engage with people. How could you create abundance where there appears to be scarcity?

The Benefits

Overcome an unproductive mindset of scarcity and lack
Grow your brand through regular expressions of generosity
Find more joy in the creative process and feel like the best version of yourself
Earn credibility as a consistent, competent and confident creator of meaningful things

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