September 14, 2022

There’s never a shortage of reasons to doubt yourself


Do you ever feel hesitant and embarrassed to follow up with someone multiple times?

Like knocking on their door again and again will be seen as distracting, annoying and alienate them forever?

It’s normal. Everyone in business fears rejection. It confirms our deepest fears that we’re inadequate and destined to fail.

But next time your call reluctance kicks in, here are few realities to remind yourself of. These ideas have always been helpful for me in my own sales efforts.

First, acknowledge the fact that asking makes you vulnerable. It means people can hurt you by denying you things you want. And that’s okay. You’re human.

But also know that you’re playing too small a game if you’re only making the requests you think will be accepted. The powerful technology of making an effective request is an underrated tool, and it’s worth getting good at. Train yourself to ask clearly, creatively and repeatedly. It will dramatically improves your chances of receiving.

Second, everyone is busy all the time. People’s unresponsiveness almost certainly has nothing to do with you. Messages fall through the digital cracks daily.

Harvard’s researchers recently found that on average, professionals have over two hundred emails in their inbox at any one time, receive over a hundred new email each day, and respond to only one fourth of them.

Offer a gentle reminder to make sure you’re part of the right number. People will be probably be secretly grateful you reminded them of something they forgot.

Third, if you believe you are a welcome presence who creates value everywhere they go, and if you believe your work is worth people’s time, attention and money, there’s nothing to be scared of.

Asking clearly, creatively, respectfully and repeatedly is exactly the kind of thing people who believe in themselves do. They trust their own reputational capital. They have faith in the foundation they’ve built over their career and aren’t ashamed to capitalize on it.

Finally, there is no opportunity without connection. Reaching out to engage with another human being is the only way to move your story forward, and hopefully theirs as well. Whereas when you wait around for help, it never shows up.

Act when you have the chance. Slowness doesn’t protect you. It’s not only your responsibility to know what you’re worth, but also to ask for it crisply and consistently.

Opportunity doesn’t occur until somebody ventures to connect.

Look, whatever business you’re in, there’s never a shortage of reasons to doubt yourself. Next time call reluctance comes crashing in, flood your mind with these positive realities.

You’ll crowd out the inevitable fear that comes across your mental radar screen and push through to the other side.

Are you playing small by only making requests you think will be accepted?