September 7, 2021

There will be time for sweeping change later


The problem is not so much our fear of change.

The problem is that we want extreme change, and we want it right now. It’s the definitive case of our eyes being bigger than our stomachs.

And our watches, for that matter.

Because time waits for no man. We have got things to see and people to do.

But the rhythms of nature beg to differ. They favor these tiny increments of change, like individual grains of sand piled one on another, which allow us to achieve our grander visions.

Ask anyone who has ever done a website redesign. Making changes incrementally requires much more patience and restraint, but the results are ultimately better.

Meanwhile, that slow build of momentum is monitored, tested and if need be, modified. And with every iteration, the product move another inch closer to enlightenment.

Doesn’t that sound much smarter and more peaceful than trying to resolve every damn problem within the first week?

It’s incremental change versus ambitious failure.

One is an expression of patience and faith, the other is an expression of ego and greed.

One lays a foundation for future success, the other gratifies us in the moment.

And like most things in life, the choice is ours.

Do you prefer incremental change to ambitious failure?