July 10, 2021

Sometimes you just have to do things to do them


There’s a certain point where you can’t obsesses to much about whether or not your idea works, because the fact that it exists, that fact that the team made something together, is proof enough that it was a worthwhile endeavor.

This mindset might be difficult for executives, investors and board members to wrap their hyper competitive and rational brains around.

Will this idea become a fundamental utility for the entire industry? Does our work contain functionality within a user context? Is our innovation more than romantic vision but also practical?

The short answer is, maybe. It’s difficult to know for sure. Sometimes when practicality tells you to walk away, intuition urges you to continue. Heeding that voice is what allows us to unlock real impact.

Look around, most of these companies are governed by mediocre ideas. Facile celebrations of commerce. Counterfeit experiences passed off as the real thing.

Koontz described it best in one of his horror novels:

We live in a troubled culture where cream often settled on the bottom and the palest milk rose to the top.

The work we do may be practical, but that doesn’t make it human. If it’s airless, then it’s not going to connect with people. It’s just junk food. Crap that fills us up without the distracting burden of nourishment.

Sometimes you just have to do things to do them.

What if the process alone was enough?