February 5, 2021

Behold, the brimming universe, awaiting our creative touch


Every creator has inner promptings that keep leading them where they are meant to go.

Inspiration bubbles up like oil from a well, trying to tell the person that their spirit needs new form, and their only real job is to pay attention.

Because whatever this thing is, it’s here to tell them something. They may want to judge or control it, but the only question that matters is, where does this energy want to take them?

This process is surprisingly difficult. Equipping ourselves to spot a new story with our own eyes, that’s some high level creative labor.

For me, it has always come back to questions.

What does this feeling want from me?
What wants to be written here?
What type of flesh does this word demand to become?

But the trick is, there are no immediate answers. That’s not the point. Some questions aren’t meant to be answered, rather, continually held in our awareness as we notice how they filter through the kaleidoscopic realm of our senses.

This is the fertile void from which we receive breakthrough ideas. Personally, it makes my heart race and my skin flush. That’s the first indicator to me, at a sensational level, that magic of creative inspiration is coming through my body.

My mentor used to teach me about these prompting in terms of gender. It’s a compelling way to frame the process. Because on one hand, there’s the energy we generate, which contains more of an aggressive, outwardly masculine force.

But there’s also the energy that we open ourselves up to, which contains more of a receptive, inwardly feminine force. Which might not feel as virile and vigorous, particularly to men. But we learn to trust that this fire still has its own pyrotechnics that are profoundly bright and warm, and they can give us the light we need to move forward.

Hell, we don’t even need to see the entire path to know what our next step is. Just enough to put one foot in front of the other and advance to the next stone.

Behold, the brimming universe, awaiting our creative touch, imploring our loving intention and attention.

It’s the best part about the job.

Next time inspiration taps you on the shoulder, will you trust its invitation?

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