Tools that will help take you where you want to go


The more tools you have to work on a problem, the less likely you are to get stuck.

It’s simple probability. Since not every tool is going to be effective for every person in every situation, having more options increases your likelihood of success.

Having a robust toolkit lowers the threat level when you are confronted with a difficult situation. If you have the right tools, anything is possible.

Macgyver comes to mind, the military operative whose astonishing feats of ingenuity and improvisation made for groundbreaking television. Talk about a toolkit. Everything was fair game to him.

The guy fixed a car with nothing but water and egg whites. He busted out of jail using a hairpin and a pair of repurposed handcuffs. He scaled a wall like a spider with an industrial strength vacuum. He also stopped a car with a single piece of paper, patched a gunshot wound with a credit card, and everyone’s favorite, he escaped perilous situations many times with nothing but a paperclip.

What’s in your toolkit? How equipped are you to handle all of the inevitable predicaments of your professional journey?

This is the hallmark of all prolific creators. They have huge toolkits, which give them a higher likelihood of moving from idea to execution.

Now, that doesn’t mean they hit the creative wall any less than the rest of us. Anyone whose livelihood revolves around making things struggles with motivation, focus, fear, overwhelm and the like. Resistance cannot be eliminated from our lives.

What we can do, however is diminish its ability to derail progress by being in harmony with probability.

Prolific was built for that exact reason. Comprised of more than three hundred battle tested tools for every step of the ideation, organization and execution process, now creative professionals can take some of the risk out of the equation.

Because you already have the natural talent, which is the raw material from which you fashion your creations. Prolific gives you more leverage with a comprehensive arsenal of mindsets, approaches, behaviors and assets. Whatever unwelcome situation needs to be dealt with and overcome, you are equipped.

Langdon, another fictional character with great powers of ingenuity, famously said that evolution is the way the universe continually tests and refines its tools. The most efficient tools survive and replicate themselves, improving constantly, becoming more and more complex and efficient.

Prolific is the next evolution in personal creativity management.

And fair warning, you can’t use all the tools at one time. Some tools might not work for certain situations. And some tools are more important than others.

But if you can discern which combination of tools is most likely to be helpful at every stage of your creative process, you will dramatically increase your probability of consistently executing your ideas.

And the best part is, you don’t even need a paper clip.

What if you visualized yourself as always carrying a creative tool kit stocked with powerful and useful tools?