January 23, 2021

An act that evokes aliveness


In the filmmaking world, the producer is often the first person to get involved in a project.

They are involved throughout all phases of production, from inception to completion.

Which means, a critical part of their job is constantly mustering up slivers of initiative and moving forward, even when they do not know all the answers.

On a daily basis, they leap into the unknown because it has a message of promise within it, and they infect others with their enthusiasm along the way.

And over time, they turn their idea into something great by their very act of beginning.

Or they completely eat shit and nobody notices. That happens a lot too.  Most movies are ignored. Only a few rise to the top.

However, this skillset, that of shaping and selecting and shepherding, is not limited to the movie arena. Donning the mantle of producer is something all of us will do in our careers, whether we want to or not. And it my experience, it is deeply rewarding.

Because it allows us to engage every part of ourselves. We can integrate all of our talents and skills. Especially the unrealized or unknown ones.

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of staying the course of an entire project from start to finish. It not only shows what we are, but it empowers us to become what we never thought we could be. And that gives us license to do even more on the next thing.

Rodriguez, the indie filmmaker famously known as the one man crew, summarized the role of a producer perfectly:

It is more rewarding because you have everything to learn, but it is more terrifying because you have nobody to blame.

Next time life decides to put you on every possible side of the camera, say action and see what happens.

Will you turn your idea into something great by the very act of beginning?