I’m struggling to find ideas and can’t look at the blank screen anymore

Solvitas Perambulator


The Context

If you're creatively blocked and struggling to find inspiration for their ideas, you should have your hearing checked. Because you get exactly what you’re willing to receive. The people who transform themselves into relentlessly open containers into which the world can place its ideas, rarely run short on inspiration. This tool for creative active listening is physical movement. Reconnecting with your body. Solvitas perambulator, as Jefferson dubbed it. Did you know the founding father was famous for taking two hour walks every day? He believed the sovereign invigorator of the body was exercise, and a strong body makes a strong mind. But there’s actually some science behind it, too.

The Tool

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Solvitas Perambulator

SOLVITAS PERAMBULATOR -- Using rhythmic, repetitive exercise or action to clear your mind, stabilize your emotions and increase the production and release of endorphins to pump the well of creativity.

Exercise clears your mind, stabilizes your emotions and levels your perspective. The rhythmic, repetitive action transfers the locus of your brain energy. It contributes to an increased production and release of endorphins. And this results in a sense of euphoria, popularly labeled as the runner’s high or flow state. Pumping rhythmically and repetitively also pumps the well of your creativity. That’s why walking, swimming, running and cycling are such effective venues for active listening. When your physical body is engaged in something, your subconscious gets some playtime. Hell, I’ve written entire books in my head on eight mile runs. Because the brain takes cues from the body.

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, wrote a telling article about the relationship between his physical body and his creative body of work. He said his process feels like a stream of ideas rushing through his mind, pausing only long enough for a reflexive evaluation. And that the only ideas that make it out of the stream and into his more rational mind are the ones that move him physically, meaning, some sort of body reaction that can range from a giggle to goose bumps. And so, if he doesn’t feel the idea, he flushes it. But if he feels the idea with his body, he lets it stick around long enough to apply his rational filter.

The Rest

Creativity is, at its core, active listening. If you’re looking for inspiration to help build your prolific body of work, start by reconnecting with your physical body itself. Engage your physicality and listen to what wants to be written. How are you sweating your way to solutions?

The Benefits

Turn yourself into a container where ideas pour
Increase endorphin level to inspire ideas
Tune into what is begging to be created
Give your subconscious mind playtime

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