I want a land a new writing gig that has the highest probability of fulfillment for me and success for the company

Fresh Powder


The Context

Your ideal employer should be greedy. Not a company that excessively desires profit, exploits customers and forces employees to work through holidays. But an organization that is currently prioritizing expansion over preservation. A company that isn’t making decisions based on fear, but is primed to take intellectual and creative risks to generate new opportunities for itself. That’s where you want to work. Somewhere you can write your own ticket. Somewhere you can set the standard, not just comply with it.

The Tool

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Fresh Powder

FRESH POWDER -- Professional opportunities where you can write your own ticket and set the standard, not just comply with it

What greedy company needs you? What existing team might you be able to plug into that would significantly amplify its wattage with your specific talent stack? Make that your number one job search filter. Because if the company has never had anyone before, then you’re guaranteed to be the best, simply by comparison. Whereas if you show up on day one at a company that says, well, this just the way things are around here, anytime you question that arrangement goes against years of precedent. And nobody wants to fight that kind of uphill battle every day.

Like my colleague who just landed a new job at a startup. According to the company founder, he’s the best sales trainer they’ve ever had. He’s also the only sales trainer they’ve ever had. But who’s counting? Point being, my colleague gravitates to opportunities where there's fresh powder. A blank canvas where he can satisfy the overarching company objectives, but execute that against his own departmental vision. Similarly, several my startup jobs hired me purely out of greed. It was fantastic. Not only were my job descriptions up to me to write, but so were my evaluation criteria. Talk about a blank canvas. No wonder the projects were so fulfilling.

The Rest

Fresh powder is like the corporate version of finders keepers. If you’re the first one there, you can call it whatever you want. Like the famous explorer or astronomer who stumbles into an undiscovered country. Those are some pretty stellar naming rights. And naming offers the possibility of a different kind of control. Sounds like the kind of greed worth pining for. What blank canvas is eagerly awaiting your colors?

The Benefits

Take control over your professional destiny
Become the best your team has ever had, simply by comparison
Satisfy the overarching company objectives, while still executing against your own vision
Experience career freedom and fulfillment by using your native talents and energies to create value

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