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The Context

Where do you get your ideas? This is the wrong question to ask a creative person. Because it’s too far down the imaginative path. Ideas are second generation events. If we are going to truly innovate and ratchet up our species to the next level, we must revert back to the source incident. Asking the question, what problem do you wish some idea would solve for you? Hell, it’s the most human part about being human. Problems are the one rare thing all of us have in common. Which means, it’s the perfect breeding ground for new business opportunities. Because behind every moment of inconvenience is an innovation waiting to be born. And the closer it is to your backyard, the better.

The Tool

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BACKYARDING — Stimulating innovative ideas by solving personal problems

What problem do you wish some idea would solve for you? The good news is, we live in a time in history where there is no shortage of people posing this question. There are thousands of message boards with millions of comments, not to mention, complaints about the comments. All of which create fertile soil for ideas. It all depends on our mindset.

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

Fantasy sports leagues can be enjoyable, social, and even profitable. But what if you don't care about sports? That’s one of my problems. Which led me to invent this exciting product. Gloat is a fantasy league where participants assemble virtual teams of real internet stars who compete based on the statistical performance of their videos and social media posts, public controversies, high profile relationships and internet celebrity gossip. Finally, a service for people like me who aren’t interested in watching grown men run straight into each other at full speed just to capture an oblong pigskin ball. Gloat allows us to track internet stars like the animals they are. Here’s another one. Sometimes you have food in the house, and yet, nothing to eat, and you’re starving. This is a problem for me too. Hence the invention of my app. Swappier is a peer to peer kitchen sharing program where people make their pantries and refrigerators available to trade with their neighbors, for up to one hour at a time. Users create profiles for their culinary offerings, and our algorithm matches them with people who have complimentary tastes. Swappier makes sure you don't blow your lunch, you barter it.

The Rest

We can ignore problems, accept problems, complain about problems, or if we really want to make this world a better place, use our curiosity and imagination to solve them. What innovation are you still kicking yourself about?

The Benefits

Unravel your brain cramp
Deliver a hit of creative satisfaction
Build momentum in your daily routine
Coach yourself out of writer’s block

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