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The Context

Thoreau wrote that men are not concealed under habits, but are revealed by them, they are their true clothes. The challenge is, habits are hard to start and even harder to maintain. Creating our own pocket universe of stability to buttress ourselves against the weather and noise of the world is no easy task. But habits stick when they stack. Meaning, once we find the ones that work for us, we need to layer value on top of them to make them more enjoyable, rewarding and sustainable.

The Tool

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STACKING — Layering value on top of existing creative habits to make them more enjoyable, rewarding and sustainable

Imagine if we had a recommendation engine that matches your habits with complimentary products and services to enhance and support your daily life. Buttress will be the brand name of our software. You simply type in your various daily and weekly routines and practices, and our algorithm will help you discover what other things might make your habits more enjoyable and easy to maintain over time. Let’s say your new habit is getting up and hour earlier so you can workout and meditate. Buttress matches your new routine with daily deals and discounts on mindfulness audio lessons, high energy playlists for workouts and healthy food options for your commute to work. Buttress kicks your habits into high gear, enabling your cellular makeup to release dopamine associated with that habit, every time you engage it.

Personally, this stacking approach has worked for me numerous times over the years, and it’s helped me maintain habits and routines that make my life possible. One additionally suggestion is, record every successful instant of your habit immediately after accomplishing it. Each time you make a new entry in your victory log, you’ll be surprised and excited at the amount of pride and satisfaction that wells up inside you. Each little step forward toward your goal will be an inexpensive jolt of bliss, since your cellular makeup will still releasing dopamine associated with that habit.

The Rest

Let me say it again. Habits stick when they stack. By layering new value on top of something you dread, you’ll be invigorated with newfound energy and discipline. What do the true clothes of your habits look like?

The Benefits

Become more disciplined as a creator
Maintain habits and routines that make your creative life possible
Invigorate yourself with newfound energy, even for dreadful tasks
Build a pocket universe of stability to buttress yourself against the weather and noise of the world

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