I just got kicked in the nuts by life, and it sucks

Good Low


The Context

Next time life hands you a pile of shit, try to grow something. Every artist needs a good low. Our species spends a lot of money trying to buy happiness. But sometimes what we really need is for life to hand us a pile of shit.

The Tool

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Good Low

GOOD LOW — When life hands you a pile of shit, you strategically convert that experience into creative resources of energy, fertility and happiness
Consider it from an agricultural perspective. Manure contributes to the fertility of soil, assists in the growth of life, even functions as an energy efficient fuel source in some mountain cultures. Shit may have a foul smell and a filthy reputation, but it’s still been an essential resource human civilization. Why should artists be any different? Be a true professional. Be vulnerable enough to open yourself to the low, humble enough to give thanks when it comes, and creative enough to leverage it until it’s gone.

When I first started my publishing business, my life situation was in desperate need of a change. I was making zero money and still living with my parents. And so, I was inspired to start taking my laptop to the neighborhood grocery store to put in a few extra hours of work on the weeknights. The environment was perfect. The store had a twenty four hour café with free wifi, tons of great signs, snacks and smells, and plenty of interesting people to interact with. I even wrote a popular article about my experience. Proving, that creativity doesn’t just come from getting high, it comes from getting low.

The Rest

If you become someone with an exquisite understanding of your own artistic timing, you will be more prolific than you ever dreamed. It’s the season of creation, of exhaling. And as the air goes swirling out, you honor the flow and work until the vein is dry. How good are you at recognizing when life is giving you a gift?

The Benefits

Uncover efficient fuel sources to energize your work
Grow profitable new ideas in the fertilizer of your own failure
Deepen your resilience in the face of difficult experiences
Force yourself to marshal your creative resources and persist in the face of incredible odd

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