I have lost my mojo for this writing project and can’t get it back

Gravitational Order


The Context

In quantum physics, motion organizes and creates order. Through motion, all things tend to their equilibrium and find their place in the universe, thus conspiring towards some unifying geometrical situation. That's the theory of gravitational order, and it's an invaluable tool for your artistic journey. Because life rewards action. Creativity is not about getting things right, it’s about getting things moving in the right direction.

The Tool

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Gravitational Order

GRAVITATIONAL ORDER -- Using motion to create equilibrium so your creative work finds its place in the universe

If you're not satisfied with the level of momentum you have in your projects thus far, begin creating with whatever energy is in you. Accept that you’re not going to be ready enough, smart enough, experienced enough and organized enough, so you may as well just buckle in, knuckle down and get on with it. Just start and let the work teach you. Odds are, within five minutes of taking action, you'll prove to yourself that motion organizes and creates order, which makes taking action that much easier. A few strokes here, a couple of notes there, a line or two of code here, and you'll see that your creations always tend to their equilibrium. And suddenly, the process of bringing your ideas to form won't be so overwhelming. The alternative to this process is to tumble down the rabbit hole of useless rumination. Artists are notorious for falling into this creative trap. They have a project that sits fallow for days, weeks or even months at a time. And they lose the mojo. The work just sits there, the awful sense of dread wells up inside of them, and they start shaming themselves for being stupid and lazy and losing momentum. And the danger is, every day that goes by, their creative task feels bigger and bigger. Harder and harder. Farther and farther away. But it's really not. They've just steered their perceptions towards the wrong reality. This is when gravitational order is most useful.

A lesson I learned early in my career as a writer was, when you start doing things with whatever energy is in you, the work teaches you. It’s a tight feedback loop that rewards speed and initiative, not accuracy. You take a creative step forward, and the work shows you where to take a another one. Motion not only creates emotion, it creates education. The faster you say yes to the moment and dive into whatever responsibility you've been tasked with, the less time you'll give your brain to obsess over irrelevant things standing in your way.

The Rest

Once you get used to the process of trying things, you'll find out what really works for you. At which point you can to flip from improvising to being more deliberate. Who knew quantum physics were so creative? That's the positive power of gravitational order. Your projects tend to their equilibrium and find their place in the universe, thus conspiring towards some unifying geometrical situation. What could you do for five minutes to snap yourself out of inertia?

The Benefits

Lower the threat level of doing your art
Eliminate rumination and feelings of dread and shame about your work
Give your brain less time to obsess over irrelevant obstacles standing in your way
Discover what works for your creative process and flip from improvising to being more deliberate

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