December 22, 2020

Making gods out of your tools


I was eavesdropping on a conversation between two friends having coffee.

One of them bragged how she obsessively uses every scheduling app, inspiration board, productivity system, project management portal, note taking software, mind mapping tool and collaboration application known to man.

To which her friend argued, yeah but girl, you literally haven’t written anything in three years.

Boom, roasted.

Do you know somebody like this? It’s becoming more common. Creative people are making gods out of their tools and losing the thread on what matters most, which is the act of creative expression.

My frustration with this problem finally reached its breaking point a few years ago. Because time and attention are the most precious resources we have as human beings. And it’s heartbreaking to me that so many talented people, whose creative ideas really could create joy and increase fulfillment and reduce friction in the world, are burning both of them like fossil fuels.
When they should really be out there making things.

This trend was one of my original motivations for pioneering the discipline of PCM.

In a world of digital distraction and technology addiction, creative professionals are so busy scrolling, they’re not actually innovating anymore.

Prolific’s mission is to reverse that. Our software isn’t another beautifully designed website where you to pretend to do your work. It’s the place you come for answers about why you can’t.

Next time you get stuck in the creative process, come to our knowledge base, name your problem, learn why you might be having it, and pick the best tool to overcome it. Then please, for the love of god, get off our app and get back to work.

That’s my humble attempt to help people actually make things, rather than making gods out of their tools.

In a world where time and attention are the most precious resource we have as human beings, we hope it works.

What did you write today?