January 2, 2021

Learning how to troubleshoot your own creative issues


Most digital businesses have an external knowledge base.

It’s the centralized repository where information about their company is organized. Now the customers can pop in anytime and learn everything they ever wanted to know about using that particular company’s products or services.

There is no longer a need to call their toll free hotline, sit on hold for twelve minutes, transfer between different agents or submit a ticket into the ether, ever again. All the answers are documented and searchable for their benefit.

Pure genius.

Not surprisingly, these knowledge bases have been statistically proven to improve onboarding service, increase resolution rates, lower employee training costs, reduce the number of tickets and scale support programs for the growing organization.

And considering we live in a world where people demand easy and immediate access to accurate information, it’s no surprise that knowledge bases have become so popular.

I’ve personally built a few of these portals myself at various startups, and they truly are a godsend to customers and employees. What’s interesting about knowledge bases is, companies give them away for free as an added value to support the product or service users are already paying for.

But what if the model was inverted? What if the knowledge base itself was the product? And what if the program that people learned to use more effectively was their own brain?

Prolific is the world’s first knowledge base that allows you to troubleshoot your own issues along the creative process. From motivation to inspiration to procrastination, now you have your own personal creativity management system.

Next time you get stuck, come to the knowledge base, name your problem, learn why you might be having it, and then pick the appropriate solution to overcome it. That way you can get back to focusing on the important aspects of your job, like actually executing your ideas.

Rather than sitting around waiting for inspiration to come.

Look, most digital tools are just distractions. The don’t actually make you more productive or creative, they kill time and preserve the illusion of meaningful work.

Prolific is different. Our knowledge base isn’t another beautifully designed website where you to pretend to do your work. It’s the place you come for answers about why you can’t do your work.

Never face a blank page again.