April 5, 2021

He who builds the best experiment, wins


A musician friend of mine says that he doesn’t trust an art studio that isn’t a little bit messy.

He believes that all innovation requires some measure of untidiness. If we make everything too clean, there is no room left to experiment. If we structure and ritualize too much, the bubbling laboratory for our brain becomes too antiseptic.

So how can we regain this sense? This year, choose experimentation as one of your new meaning opportunities. Instead of carefully crafting a theory based on years of research, just build stuff, push it off the side of a mountain and see if it flies.

And trust that there are no success or failures, only the consequences of experiments.

Perhaps you will be like the lifelong smoker whose taste buds come back full force after finally quitting.

Perhaps more subtle tastes will grow more appealing to you, and you will begins experimenting with different kinds of foods.

Foods you never thought you would like. Foods that make you sick with longing. Foods that are so good, you have to stop eating for a minute just to catch your breath.

Will you trust your heart’s reasons, even if your head doesn’t understand yet?

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