October 3, 2022

Embracing the truth of how high your creative ambitions actually are


Recently, a twelve year old schoolboy had his deejay equipment confiscated after teachers busted him hosting a rave for his fellow students in the school bathroom.

According to a report from the local newspaper, the middle schooler held an impromptu dance party during the lunch break. He sent out a social media invite to all boys in the eighth grade.

And the rave offered complimentary sodas and chocolate bars, as the young performer showed off his dope turntable skills with a deejay set.

Students say the party lasted a good thirty minutes before the teachers arrived and broke it up.

But the best part about the story is, his mother had no intention of punishing her child. She said the ambitious young man had the biggest smile on his face the morning before school, and she just knew he had something up his sleeve.

But she couldn’t get angry with him for trying to spread some cheer during a hard year.

Later that day, after she posted about his antics on social media, the post quickly went viral with many commenters deeming him a legend.

There are numerous lessons we can glean from this story.

First, this kid didn’t wait for permission from his parents, teachers, administrators or coaches.

No paperwork to fill out. No student talent show to audition for. He didn’t submit a five paragraph essay about why hosting a rave would be beneficial for the school. He simply hired himself and got to work. And the likelihood of him begging for forgiveness was extremely low. An artist choose instigation over acquiescence.

Secondly, this kid was so passionate about sharing his art in public and bringing joy to his friends, that it was worth the risk of breaking the rules at school, getting his gear taken away, and potentially being grounded by his parents.

Small price to pay for a big moment of individual expression.

Do you think posting a video of himself doing the exact same set would have garnered anything?

No way. It would have gained a limited response at best, and scorn from his fellow students at worst. No risk, no reward.

The third lesson is, this kid may or may not have been the most talented deejay at his school, or the most popular. There are always better and cooler people than you.

But what he lacked in ability and social capital, he made up for in creative boldness, personal agency, spiritual rebelliousness and executional vision.

Can you imagine how much planning would be involved in building, promoting and hosting this kind of event, during lunch hour at your middle school? Good luck pulling that off when you’re going through puberty.

Cleary, the force is strong with this one. His spirit of enterprise is far more valuable than the music itself. Hell, it doesn’t even matter what the songs even sounded like, although I’m sure the students loved every minute of the show.

Fourth, let’s not overlook the fact that this kid put on a rave in the toilet.

He takes a nostalgic concept like smoking in the boys room to a whole new level. Who needs an auditorium when you have a bathroom stall? Real art can be made anywhere, anytime.

In fact, the constraints of putting on a rave in the bathroom actually make the event that much better. The cramped surroundings add to the ambiance. The absurd reality of dancing on top of the sink where you wash your hands after peeing is not lost on these lads.

Ultimately, this kid is a role model to every other student in that school. Because he took the risk of actually wanting something.

He embraced the truth of how high his creative ambitions actually were, and then took a leap of faith to act on those desires.

Without shame, without justification and without regret.

How many twelve year olds do you know who do that kind of thing? Are you in touch with the pure joy that comes from knowing who you are, what you crave, and taking ownership over those dreams?

It’s not too late. Hire yourself now and see what happens.

When did you last choose instigation over acquiescence?