February 19, 2021

Champion your team so everyone wins


Certain people have a special talent for finding third party support.

It’s the intersection of several different abilities, each of which can help build momentum in the execution of their ideas.

There is the vulnerability of asking for support, the resourcefulness of locating support, the leadership of infecting others with a vision, the craft of delivering creative direction for the work, the humility of surrendering control when necessary, the resilience of collaborating effectively over time and distance, the nuance of being a great client to work with, the habit of project completion that makes both partners want to work together again, and the connection of building an ongoing and mutually valuable relationship.

There’s a lot there. But it’s all part of the equation.

In fact, it makes me want to create a software product. Because for those of us who do find and use a lot of third party support, it would be helpful to have a way to spread the word as an expression of our gratitude.

Rahster would be the product name. For anyone who has ever struggled to refer vendors that they hire in an easy and public way, now your problems are over. Our new web application will help your small business organize, rate and share your list of vendors that you use to execute your projects. Anytime somebody asks who you hired for a certain task, you can simply send them to your company profile and they can do the same.

Rahster. Champion your team so everyone wins.

Remember, honoring our humility in admitting our need for help is only the first step.

Finding third party help is a real talent, and the sooner we develop it, the faster our ideas will become real in the world.

Do you know a universe of people you can ask for help?

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