Specific course of small action

# 307

I want to get better at dealing with rejection so it doesn’t derail me

An alternative regulatory strategy to negative feedback about your work
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# 310

I just got bad news and now I’m struggling with a crisis

Using dedicated chunks of creative expression to explore, exhaust and exceed difficult feelings
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# 286

I have lost my mojo for this writing project and can’t get it back

Gravitational Order
Using motion to create equilibrium so your creative work finds its place in the universe
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# 225

I have a huge and scary writing project to do that is out of my depth, and it’s intimidating me into paralysis

Impossibility Subroutine
A ritual to help ramp up your energy and snap myself into appropriate state of mind to approach an overwhelming task
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# 210

I want to do this writing project, but I keep getting overwhelmed

Consciously respond to panic a way that serves your creative efforts
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# 215

I have this big meeting coming up about my work, and I’m freaking out

Reminding yourself of your accumulated track record to build faith in your creative capabilities
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# 012

I wish it didn’t take so long for me to settle in and start my work

On Ramp
A creative subroutine that brings up your energy and snaps you into the appropriate state of mind to do your work.
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