Regular course of general action

# 262

I read and learn and have experiences, but don’t write anything with my learning

The practice of processing experiences into insights and insights into habits
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# 183

I never have enough time in the day to write, I waste too much time

Operating Temperature
Making devices of your body and mind suitable for creative application
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# 123

I organize my ideas inside my head, but can’t find them

Humbly accepting the limits of your own mind and trusting ideas to an external system instead
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# 113

I am blocked creatively, but I don’t know what my problem is

Wrapping your emotions into words so you have a handle for overcoming creative blocks effectively
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# 065

I don’t know where I end and the work begins

Reverse Curfew
A time based boundary to build discipline as a remote worker
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# 060

I’m struggling to find ideas and can’t look at the blank screen anymore

Solvitas Perambulator
Using rhythmic, repetitive exercise or action to clear your mind, stabilize your emotions and increase endophins
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