Important, influencing instance

# 293

I want to provide a valuable brand experience quickly so we have loyal customers

Price Of Admission
Tracking and pinpointing when customers experience the aha moment of seeing your value
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# 269

I only have a small role in this project, but I want them to remember me

Creating an intentional point of overdelivery
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# 276

I want my readers or audience to know how good I am and respect my talent

Compressing your portfolio of talents into a tight little package that demonstrates the full firepower of your creative arsenal.
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# 251

I just got kicked in the nuts by life, and it sucks

Good Low
When life hands you a pile of shit, you strategically convert that experience into creative resources of energy, fertility and happiness
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# 186

I think too much and my brain is overloaded, so there’s no room for creative ideas

Sanity Tax
Paying a minor cost for something that is disproportionate to the massive value you get in return for having it
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# 076

I’m losing energy on a project I’ve been doing for a while

Try Softer
Realizing the full potential of your project by walking away from it
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# 024

I can’t build off this spark of an idea and make it bigger

Moment Of Conception
The single spark of life that signals an idea’s movement value, almost screaming to you, something wants to be built here.
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# 029

I don’t think bragging about my work is appropriate

Victory Dance
The act of loving ourselves by acknowledging moments when we’re proud of our completed work
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