Act to improve situation

# 304

I am blocked because of difficult emotions and intense experiences that haven’t been processed

Using the creative process as tool for cleansing, lightening and liberating your heart and mind
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# 314

I have too many potential writing ideas and it’s getting overwhelmed

Using a simple, binary evaluation to unclog the creative pipes and shepherd ideas through the system
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# 272

I get blocked creatively and turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms

Lovingly stepping into your worry stream with a sense wonder to buffer against impulsive behavior
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# 273

I wish the writing process was faster and easier, making art is hard and takes forever

Raising our frustration tolerance by remove extreme language from our vocabulary
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# 223

I have unhealthy habits that make it hard to get my writing done consistently

Reducing our exposure to the kinds of situations and surroundings that enable us in the wrong direction
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# 219

I work in volatile, disorganized environment where people are overlooking valuable opportunities

Leaving things at your company more organized than when you found them
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# 118

I am not someone who is good at taking action on ideas

Debating negative thinking by attaching the desired creative outcome to your identity
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# 073

I complain about things too much and it’s unproductive

Railroad Switch
Catching yourself in the act of making superfluous complaints and redirect that energy more usefully
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