Pattern learned through repetition

# 256

I always suck when I first start writing, and it makes me want to quit

Clearing the surface level content out of your system to allow quality ideas to emerge
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# 212

I need to do things I dislike to support my creative practice

Layering value on top of existing creative habits to make them more enjoyable, rewarding and sustainable
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# 148

I have lots of ideas on my team, but I don’t know which to focus on

Shit Filter
Gauging the quality of your ideas through physical reactions, not subjective opinions
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# 137

I need inspiration, and none of these tricks or hacks I’m using work

Inventive Mechanism
The natural constellation of creative entities we already possess and can access
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# 103

I talk myself out of healthy habits towards creative projects

Habit Redistribution
Finding a new value structure to support positive behavioral change
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# 083

I don’t want to keep writing the same thing over and over again

A system to call on yourself a little more with each project
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# 070

I want to use my creativity to make a difference in my and other people’s lives

Inner Labor
Increasing your leverage by investing in yourself more consistently.
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# 056

I can’t make anything original and stand out

To become so identified with your work that nobody could steal it
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# 017

I have ideas that aren’t fully formed or finished

Micro Expression
Creating ideas in a piecemeal, nonlinear fashion, without the constraints of chronology, sequence, rational order and narrative.
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