Group of actions

# 161

I’m a high achiever and it’s hard to relax and enjoy myself

Joy Triggers
Embrace a diverse set of activities that form a complete identity.
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# 121

I don’t know if I can wait a year or more to do this project

Macro Oxygenation
Giving large projects a chance to grow on your team by nurturing them with encouragement, freedom and affirmation.
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# 132

I’m going through a hard time but I can’t explain what it is

A uniquely appealing activity or practice that enables you to give voice to that which has no words
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# 057

I love making things, but what do I do the rest of the time

Faithful Forces
The custom universe can you count on to help inform your artistic spirit
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# 027

I’m never going to meditate but I need to escape the world

Purposely escape from the burdens of the world with a manageable, self contained activity.
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